Making Your Jobs Easy to Find on Indeed

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Search engines have transformed the way we find information, and how people find jobs has changed too. Understanding how and where people find job information is the foundation of successful recruitment campaigns. With over 100 million people visiting Indeed each month to search for jobs, we can provide a few tips for attracting prospective hires to your jobs.

1. Help people find your jobs

It’s easy for employers to make their jobs available to job seekers. Indeed’s search engine looks around the Internet for all the jobs that are available today. Search results include jobs from company career pages, job boards, recruiting agencies as well as positions posted directly on Indeed. If a job is available, we want to include it on Indeed.

In order to deliver the best possible experience for job seekers, we continually invest in the quality of search results. Because it’s confusing to see multiple versions of the same job from different sources, we filter out duplicates and focus on the single source that provides the best job seeker experience. And Indeed checks job sources, so people find up-to-date information. For employers, this means better engagement with high quality job content.

There are two ways for your jobs to be added to Indeed: 1) you can post a job directly to Indeed by entering your job information in a simple form, or 2) you can follow these guidelines to help your jobs appear on Indeed:

  • Note the job title clearly

  • Include your company name

  • List a single, physical job location with a city and state

  • Ensure that each job is on an individual webpage with a unique URL

  • Provide the job description and instructions for how to apply

Indeed’s search engine automatically looks for job information meeting these requirements, but you can also request the inclusion of jobs from a company career site.

2. Getting attention for your jobs

When people search on Indeed, they see these results ordered by relevancy to the search terms used and the recency of job postings. As new job content appears on the web, older jobs will fall in the organic search results. Employers can sponsor their jobs to ensure they consistently appear in front of more job seekers who are searching using relevant terms.

Sponsored Jobs use a pay-for-performance model that begins with employers setting a monthly budget. Under this model, you only pay when someone clicks to view your job. You decide how much you want to spend and our search technology does the rest, delivering predictable results that meet your cost and budget targets.

3. Capturing interest with mobile search

By 2014, mobile Internet usage is projected to overtake desktop. The impact of this trend on job search is apparent today: more than one-third of traffic to Indeed now comes from mobile devices. As an employer, you’ll miss connecting with a large and growing audience if your jobs can’t be found in mobile search or if people can’t apply from mobile devices.

When your jobs are on Indeed, they’ll be included in mobile search results automatically. In addition, you can add Indeed Apply to your jobs so that people can easily apply from their iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows mobile devices. These jobs are clearly labeled in Indeed’s search results to let users know which jobs have this easy application method — another way to make your jobs stand out. Indeed Apply is free for employers and simple to implement.

Finally, use data to continuously improve

Using data to monitor the performance of your recruitment channels will help you continuously improve results. This is best accomplished by tracking your candidates automatically and there are several easy ways to do this.

Indeed can integrate with your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) so that you can assess the performance of all your hiring sources across a variety of metrics. You can learn more about how we can work with your ATS and the systems we recommend.

If you don’t use an ATS but have a company career site, Indeed can provide free conversion tracking technology so that you can track results for your jobs. Or if you post your jobs directly on Indeed, you’ll have metrics on how Indeed performs for you.

You can contact us to get started on Indeed and learn more about attracting talent to your jobs.