Tips for Hiring with Indeed Resume

Thousands of employers, from small businesses to ASX 200 companies, are already using Indeed’s fast and simple resume search engine. Here are four ways you can use Indeed Resume to find your next hire quickly.

1. Receive new, relevant resumes by email

Indeed can automatically email you when there are new and relevant resumes so you stay on top of the best talent while we do the work. Click the “Sign up to get new resumes by email” link at the top or bottom of search results to receive new resumes that match your search.

You can create an unlimited number of email alerts for free and, of course, cancel alerts anytime.


2. Forward, save and download resumes

Click the “Forward” button on the right of every resume to easily forward a resume to colleagues and friends.

In a hurry? Save interesting resumes for later; resumes that you save are clearly labelled in search results and visible from your personal “Saved Resumes” page.

Want a copy of a resume on your computer or in your Applicant Tracking System? Download a PDF version of any resume with one click.

Australia Indeed Resume

3. Find candidates faster with instant search results and previews

We start showing results as you type so you immediately see if your search will return the candidates you’re looking for. Not sure what to search for? Start typing and check out our search suggestions.

Hover your mouse over any resume for a quick preview without having to click or leave the search results page.

4. Filter your search to focus on qualified candidates

Select the criteria that matter to you; use the refinements on the left side of every search to filter resumes by years of experience, job titles, companies, or locations. You can also adjust the radius of your search to include candidates closer or further away.


And the most important tip? Give Indeed Resume a try now; it’s free and you don’t even need an account to start.

Have questions? Let us know.