Metrics-Driven Recruitment: Nimbull Digital Marketing

Insights from Indeed clients in Australia

When they’re looking for a new opportunity, great candidates have great options, and the best companies move quickly to attract them. Today, we’re sharing a perspective from Michael Verghios, founder and digital marketing director of Nimbull Digital Marketing, an Australian-based digital marketing agency.

Working in Australia and with companies worldwide, the Nimbull team has 10 years experience providing digital marketing solutions using channels like Search Marketing, Display and Social Media. Nimbull has created a successful Sponsored Jobs campaign on Indeed on behalf of HealthcareLink, Australia’s leading healthcare job board. We talked with Michael about how pay per click advertising has become increasingly important in recruiting.

Question: What’s the biggest challenge you see in recruiting today?

Michael Verghios: The biggest challenge today is getting in front of candidates at the right time. For a lot of candidates, just like consumers, timing is everything. We use numerous platforms to run trial campaigns and test which ones provide the best return on investment. These include pay per click sites like Indeed. It enables you to mix between paid, earned and owned media, so our clients can find their candidates as quickly as possible.

Q: What unique challenges do you see in Australia?

MV: Finding candidates for jobs in rural areas can be a challenge, places like Northern Territory or Western Australia. That’s why we look at recruitment channels that give us both efficiency and volume so we can be better about finding candidates in those locations. A growing opportunity is also in sourcing overseas candidates. Channels that attract candidates worldwide to jobs in Australia are something we use more and more.

Q: How do you assess the performance of each channel? What are some of the metrics you use?

MV: It’s a matter of setting up the right dashboard to help you make informed decisions. With Indeed for example, we work with Client Services to make our dashboard track the amount we’re spending on each job and the number of clicks we get to each job, so we can ultimately determine cost per acquisition. The pay per click model works like any other search engine, so we can then adjust the campaign and raise the budget on jobs that need more attention, using the data to decide at each stage.

Q: What are the biggest benefits you see to using this metrics-driven approach to recruiting?

MV: We’re a data-driven digital marketing agency, and we approach all of our channels this way. The benefit of taking that approach to recruiting is that it lets you become more flexible. When we start a campaign, we can see which channels are the highest performing and we can restructure the campaign around that data. It enables a flow of information, so you not only start off with data on what’s working and what’s not, but you can get more information to make decisions moving forward.

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