Be Heard! Content Strategy for Recruiting

10 tips to improve your job titles and job descriptions

What’s special about the jobs that bring in the most relevant and qualified candidates?

The most successful jobs have descriptions that speak to what candidates are really looking for, and communicate in the language they understand. With search in particular, you can test and optimise your job content to help candidates find your opportunities — elevating your jobs to the attention of qualified job seekers.

Join us for our webinar where we’ll show you how to capture the interest of the candidates you’re looking for. In this session, Chris McDonald, Senior Director of Sales, will share ten rapid-fire tips that can help you reach the right candidates.

We will show you how to:

    • Make it easier for the right audience to discover your jobs
    • Add personality (and a dose of reality) to your content
    • Use trend data to better target job content to relevant candidates
    • Attract quality candidates with irresistible job descriptions

Watch the On-Demand Webinar