How 3-Day Weekends Disrupt Job Search

How people search for jobs over Labour Day

New South Wales, ACT, Queensland and South Australia celebrate Labour Day next week and many Australians will be taking a break from their daily routines due to the public holiday.

We were interested in how the number of days people work would affect job search. In a normal week, job search activity peaks on Tuesday and slopes down to Saturday, when it begins to pick up again. This pattern is roughly the same across desktop and mobile (though activity throughout the day is more consistent on mobile).

But on a three-day weekend, job search traffic declines faster as we approach the holiday, and takes a longer time to reach normal patterns in the days after this collective time off. We looked at job search from Labour Day last year, as well as this year’s Anzac Day celebrations. The charts below show these patterns and how they differ from one another.

How Labour Day affects search trends


While job search may drop over a long weekend, recent Indeed research reveals that many people continue looking for the right opportunity even while they’re supposed to be switching off from work.

12% of people we surveyed said they are most likely to search for jobs on the weekend, with men more likely to do this than women. A few people had even accepted a job offer while out on a date, with more women than men admitting to this.

And while almost no-one said they were likely to search for jobs when on holiday, a fifth of people said they had accepted a job whilst on holiday, with more men than women having done this.

For employers, understanding where and when people are receptive to their jobs can go a long way in reaching the right candidates at the right time. Chris McDonald, head of Indeed Australia, sees the rise of mobile as a growth opportunity for employers. “Weekends, holidays and time of day all impact online job ad traffic and applications. It’s worth thinking about these when posting a job ad or getting in contact with a potential candidate, so that all the hard work that’s gone into recruiting for that role isn’t wasted on an unreceptive job hunter who is about to head off on a long weekend.”

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