How to Reach Qualified Candidates for Any Job [Free Webinar]

Hitachi Construction Machinery in Australia uses Indeed Resume to find great candidates

If you’re an employer with hard-to-fill jobs in a competitive industry, you can’t always wait for the talent to come to you.

This was the case for Hitachi Construction Manufacturing in Australia (HCA). The company was rapidly expanding operations, hiring across the country for high-skilled and specialised roles. Some of these jobs — in engineering, field service and accounting positions, among other titles — were in remote locations. The challenge of finding enough candidates in the right places led HCA to consider new ways of reaching the most qualified person for each job.

“We know that if we want the best talent, we need to use the best tools to reach them,” explains Garth Quinn, Recruitment Manager.

Indeed Resume was one of the tools Quinn and his team turned to. “Searching resumes on Indeed is simple and cost-effective, and it’s easy to contact people once you find a candidate you want,” Quinn says.

“I was looking for a trainer for High Voltage Electricians. Finding the electricians is already like looking for a needle in a haystack, so finding someone who could train those electricians felt impossible. I searched on Indeed Resume, and immediately found eight people who had the right experience. I reached out to all of them, and heard back from each one within 24 hours. That was just 30 minutes of work for me.”

Hundreds of thousands of candidates have their resumes on Indeed and searching for these candidates is free. To learn more about how your company can find candidates for your jobs, join our webinar. In this session, we’ll cover:

  • Tips on narrowing your search results to find the best candidate
  • How to contact multiple candidates at once
  • Setting up alerts to learn when new resumes are added
  • How to craft emails that will attract the right talent

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