Hiring in the Era of Big Data [Free Webinar]

With access to more data than ever before, HR teams need tools to help them gain insights. Join this Indeed webinar to learn more.

In the era of big data HR and advanced analytics, there’s greater opportunity for organisations to become more strategic in their decision-making. But becoming a metrics-driven HR function hinges on having the right tracking in place to begin with, and understanding the metrics which matter most to your organisation. Without these, more data can lead to added noise, rather than increased clarity and insight.

The leading talent acquisition teams recognise that to pinpoint the best hiring sources and support recruiting decisions, they need automated source tracking. This enables them to focus resources on the recruiting solutions that drive the most hires.

What are the right metrics to track for your organisation? It depends on what’s important to your business. At Indeed we advise employers to begin tracking operational metrics, like time to hire and cost per hire. But some analytical HR teams that we work with track advanced metrics like the financial performance of hires and their workforce, as well as strategic objectives around diversity and innovation.

Whether you’re just taking your first steps to becoming a more data-driven team or have an established function, join our latest webinar, where we’ll share:

  • The importance of automated source tracking for your business
  • Four steps to build a metrics-driven recruitment strategy
  • How to identify the metrics that matter most to your organisation
  • Checklist for metrics-driven recruitment success

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