The Small Business Challenge: Finding Great Talent Quickly

Business owners tackle the challenge of hiring by themselves — only 13% are using recruitment agencies and 47% are considering hiring a casual employee to fill a role in the interest of saving time.

Small businesses are a defining part of the labour market—they makeup 96% of Australia’s businesses and employ about 46% of the labour force [PDF]. When we asked these growing businesses about their demand for talent in the next year, more than 400,000 owners revealed that they plan to hire staff in the coming months, but only 53% are confident in finding the right people.

While most of the world’s job market is facing a talent shortage, small businesses are more concerned with filling positions quickly while also finding quality hires that will bring success.

Small business hiring has high stakes

43% of small businesses identified replacing existing or outgoing staff as their primary reason for hiring. And with a vacant position, it’s important to hire quickly because the vacancy is likely either costing money or increasing the workload on other employees in the meantime.

Chris McDonald, managing director for Indeed in Australia and New Zealand, says, “The reality is that small businesses don’t have the funds to make mistakes. They need to be precise when recruiting as it costs your business money if you don’t get the right person and have to rehire.”

Organizations are growing and need more staff

With a recent government-funded tax package designed to help small businesses grow and create jobs, it’s no surprise that growth is the second-biggest reason for hiring. When hiring for growth rather than replacement, companies are looking at softer skills and they find listing jobs on mobile applications crucial.

Business owners need flexible and effective hiring solutions

To take on the challenges of hiring, business owners are taking a hands-on and efficient approach. They are posting jobs and finding candidates themselves to speed up the process because time is money. Of the small businesses looking to hire, only 13% are using recruitment agencies and 47% are considering hiring a casual employee to fill a role in the interest of saving time.

Posting a job on Indeed is one way for businesses to easily advertise job openings and overcome the need to invest in expensive hiring solutions. This easy, do-it-yourself method comes with round the clock support by phone or live chat, so business owners can get assistance in managing the hiring process. You don’t need a website or career page: simply enter your job title and description and start attracting qualified candidates.

To learn more about how Indeed can help you hire, contact us.