Christmas Casuals: 3 Hiring Insights for Retailers

To the average Australian, talking about Christmas in September seems a little premature. But for businesses, this is the ideal time to scale up for the Christmas season—hiring for this busy time needs to begin now.

A combination of high hiring costs and a lack of time to invest in finding talent make it difficult for smaller businesses to find staff during this period, especially when Christmas casuals are usually only hired from October to January. Here are three things retailers should keep in mind as they prepare for the busiest shopping season of the year:

Candidates are beginning their job search earlier and earlier

In the past, we would see job seekers begin using the term ‘Christmas Casual’ in September, and these searches peaked in the first week of November—probably because high school leavers are finishing their final exams at that time. Now, we are seeing people search for Christmas Casual jobs as early as August. As you can see in the chart below, regular job search doesn’t fluctuate nearly as much. Keeping the pattern of job search in mind will enable employers to meet more candidates at the moment their looking. 

Christmas casual job search ramps up in September

As the momentum builds it’s important to ensure your jobs are listed on Indeed so job seekers know you have opportunities. If you haven’t already, you can post your job now to ensure people see your opportunities as soon as possible.

Christmas casual job seekers and employers aren’t aligned

With the Christmas casual job search beginning earlier and earlier, there’s an opportunity for employers to reach candidates sooner. With such a small hiring window in this latter part of the year, employers should take advantage of any time they can get. By starting earlier and considering keeping postings up longer, employers may be able to fill positions sooner and will have more candidates to choose from for the season

Searches and postings peak at different times of the year

Location matters in the Christmas casual job search

When job seekers look for a seasonal job, they don’t just search for the terms ‘Christmas Casual’. They take location into consideration as part of their search. Some job seekers are willing to take on longer commutes and search for all the seasonal jobs in a state. According to our research, Melbourne and Sydney are among the top location searches for candidates, but the number of people who search in those cities is outpaced by the people who search in all of Victoria and New South Wales.

Other job seekers are looking in very specific areas, searching in the exact suburb or shopping centre that they want to work in. To optimise your Christmas jobs for search, add the location to your job description and include the state, the city, and the shopping centre name if applicable. You’ll also want to make sure that you have a job posting for each location, not just a general advertisement.

To learn more about attracting great candidates to your roles, both seasonal and year-round, contact us.