Job Posting Growth in Victoria is 2X Greater Than in Australia Overall

Victoria is now the country’s fastest growing state, new data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows. The recently released population statistics reveal  “an extraordinary surge” in population in Victoria growing by a rate of 1.7% compared to 1.4% in NSW and Western Australia.

This surge is reflected on Indeed, where we’ve seen job postings grow two times faster in Victoria than in Australia overall from Q1 2013 to Q2 2015. As a result, Victoria’s share of all job postings in Australia has risen from 18.5% to 23.1% over the same time period.

Data from Indeed shows that job postings in Victoria have grown two times as much as in Australia overall.

The Indeed data indicates that interest in jobs in Victoria and makes up 25% of all job seeker interest in Australia highlighting the appeal of the state as a destination to live and work. The ABS report shows that Victoria has benefited from a surge in internal migration as people from other cities seek more affordable housing and good job prospects, with 37,800 Australians moving to Victoria from other states.

The rising cost of living in Sydney and Brisbane has been pushing many residents to consider the more reasonably priced real estate in Victoria. Interestingly, Sydney and Brisbane rank among the top five Australian cities where job seekers interested in Victorian job openings are currently located.

With population projections produced by ABS predicting Melbourne’s population to exceed Sydney’s, we may see more companies setting up shop in the area to capitalize on the availability of talent there.

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