Hiring Construction Talent in Christchurch: One Staffing Firm’s Story

The story of how one staffing firm in Christchurch, NZ found the talent it needed to rebuild the city.

Founded in 2001, Canstaff has a strong focus on sourcing candidates globally for construction and engineering roles in New Zealand and Australia. The team specialises in optimising the placement of job listings for clients, advertising design and recruitment campaign management.

Based in Christchurch, New Zealand, Canstaff found that after the devastating 2010 earthquake in the city, many of their clients in construction were hiring the people who could help relocate and rebuild the city. Locally, there wasn’t enough talent to fill employer needs. Canstaff needed an international recruitment source to bring in candidates from abroad.

Finding a high volume of high-quality candidates

“We worked with several recruitment sources that could give us a lot of candidates but not the quality of candidate we needed,” explained Trina Burt, Marketing Manager. “Finding those people with the right skills and experience was a real challenge, and it wasn’t until we worked with Indeed that we could more effectively reach them.”

Canstaff began to sponsor jobs on Indeed to hire candidates from Australia, Ireland, and the UK, to name a few of the markets they targeted. They focused on jobs for carpenters, joiners, builders, and other specialised roles. “We knew that there was a worldwide shortage of Diesel Mechanics, as one example,” said Burt. “Those people are hard to come by, but we found them on Indeed.”

“The need for these types of candidates is very high in New Zealand,” added Alana Moffatt, Advertising Administrator. “We can’t bring people in quickly enough.” Working with the Indeed team, Canstaff was able to set the right budget for each job and attract the right number of candidates for these crucial roles.

Sponsored Jobs work on a pay for performance model, so advertisers only pay when a candidate clicks on job rather than paying for the job posting up front. “The Indeed model was new to us but working with Indeed Client Services helped us see how easy it was to use. Once we understood how it worked, it made much more sense than pay per impression models of other recruitment sites,” Moffatt said.

In the first week that they sponsored jobs, they saw tremendous results. “In one day, we had 70 applications for one role, and these were positions that we’d been struggling to get applications for,” said Burt. “Indeed has millions of unique visitors. After our initial results, we knew it would be mad not to keep investing there.”

Hiring candidates from around the world

The success of their initial campaigns with Indeed convinced Canstaff to use Indeed’s services to broaden their reach. “We’re looking into other countries as well and will be targeting these candidates on a larger global scale.” said Moffatt. “It’s been really simple for us to decide to expand the campaign. In previous weeks we have had interviews, with all the candidates coming from Indeed. From the very start, it’s been a pleasure to work with them and we continue to see so much momentum.”

Bringing in people from around the world to work in New Zealand has helped Canstaff address critical building needs in the country. “We now know that candidates are seeing us advertised on Indeed more so than other job boards,” Burt explained. “The Indeed team has helped us 100% with this campaign and we know we can go to them with all of our questions including how to reach more quality candidates. It’s been a huge success for us.”