The Year in Job Search: A Look at the Biggest Trends of 2015

Indeed job search trends from 2015

At Indeed, we are constantly monitoring the ebb and flow of job search to help job seekers and employers find the best match. With 200 million unique visitors coming to the site each month, some of the world’s biggest events are often reflected in the way people search for jobs.

This year, we rounded up some of the most interesting reactions job seekers had to major happenings around the globe. As you can see below, we found that sporting events distract people from the job search while movies can draw them to it (just ask the British intelligence agency MI6). Here are some highlights:

In the US, advertising during the Super Bowl boosted job search for a handful of companies. Meanwhile, when New Zealand took the Rugby World Cup in October, the nation was so riveted that people stopped looking for work altogether.

In May, we saw how political and financial concerns in Greece caused job seekers in the country to look for work outside the borders.

We also saw the intersection of politics and celebrity, seeing what we now call the the “Trump Effect,” with job search spiking for companies named after the Republican presidential candidate.

Take a look at the full year in job search below.

INFOGRAPHIC: The biggest trends in job search from 2015