May the 4th Be With You: Jedi and Other Weird Job Titles on Indeed

Here at Indeed we’re big Star Wars fans, and like pretty much everybody else on the planet we loved Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Even so, the film’s huge success did leave us wondering if we’d see a spike in weird job titles and descriptions in its aftermath. After all, titles like “Self Quantification Jedi Knight” might sound awesome, but people don’t necessarily search for these eccentric terms, and they may be more likely to confuse job seekers who are left wondering what the job will actually entail. This being May 4th—Star Wars Day—we thought we’d check in on “Jedi” and some of its eccentric allies on Indeed.

Filp through the gallery to see the data on job titles that take inspiration from this galaxy and those far, far away. 

Looking for top talent? You don’t need a wacky job title to attract the best. Learn how Indeed can help you hire. And May the Fourth be with you.