Hiring for the Holidays? Why Recruit for Christmas Casuals Now

The Christmas period is a busy season for many Australian businesses. But for those looking to hire extra Christmas Casual staff, the time is now.

Christmas may still be several months away, but ’tis the season for employers to start preparing by hiring the right talent to support their businesses during the busy end-of-year shopping window.

The heavy hiring period for Christmas casuals usually falls between October and January. The pressing need for talent at this time combined with retailers trying to keep up with consumer demand during the shopping season creates an additional burden on employers who need support from Christmas casuals, and fast.

According to Indeed data, it is apparent that the Christmas casual job search has already begun. While searches for Christmas casual jobs ramp up in September, postings for these jobs don’t peak until November. Employers who regularly struggle to find enough candidates may want to take this into consideration: If you want to attract the best talent for Christmas casual positions, it’s time to start now.

Job searches for Christmas casuals ramp up in September

How can your business leverage this early interest from job seekers? Here are a few tips:

Location, location, location

Job seeker search habits show people often look for Christmas casual roles locally, and often type the name of their local shopping centre in the search.

Optimise your Christmas job postings for search by adding the location to your job description. Include the state, the city and the shopping centre name if applicable. If you’re hiring for the same position for multiple store locations, create a job posting for each store location rather than a general advertisement for your business. This will ensure your store-specific job postings are searchable when candidates search by location.

Elevate your employer brand

Job seekers use online tools and reference employer reviews to understand what it is like to work at a company before they apply. With Indeed Company Pages, for example, you can showcase what it is like to work at your business on a day-to-day basis. Include photos and videos to provide deep insight into the culture and vibe of your workplace. You can even link your social media channels to help job seekers discover more about your brand and encourage them to apply.

Posting your jobs on Indeed is an effective way to ensure eager Christmas casual job seekers find your opportunities as the holiday season approaches. Post your Christmas casual jobs now to start attracting great candidates, or contact us to learn more.