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Indeed Salaries

Indeed now has a tool allowing employer and job seekers to compare over 200 million salaries. Indeed Salaries gives job seekers and businesses unprecedented insight into salary data from Indeed’s global database. With over 300 million salary data points and growing, Indeed has the world’s largest database of salary information.

What’s the right salary? This is a question that both job seeker and employer often ask themselves during the hiring process. Employers are concerned their salaries are not competitive to other companies and job seekers want to know salary data so they can assess if the role is the right next step in regards to their career progression aspirations

How it works  

Indeed Salaries uses actual data and estimates from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements to calculate an average for each job listing by region on a weekly basis. The Indeed salaries search tool can be accessed directly from Indeed’s homepage and the data also appears in job search results and Indeed’s company pages.

Indeed Salary Data

Allowing job seekers to see the average salary for a job in a specific region. Removing much of the ambiguity associated with salary and job search. Employers who include salary data in their job postings see a 5% increase in applications from the most relevant candidates.

Staying competitive in the marketplace

Businesses need salary data to understand current industry standards and regional variance, benchmark against competitors, and for use in their job ads to help source the best pool of talent. Ensuring they stay competitive for top performing job candidates. We know that compensation is a major determining factor for job seekers.

Indeed Salary Data

We conducted a survey in 2015 and learned that 11% of employed job candidates have declined a job offer due to poor pay and compensation. Compensation is such a motivator to potential candidates that 64% of employed candidates surveyed claimed pay would most attract them to a new job during their search. And 24% of people who are actively looking for or open to a new job expect a salary increase of at least 15% before they accept a new job.

Streamlining the search process

Job seekers use salary data at every stage of the job search process from initial career exploration, to deciding where to apply, to negotiating their benefits package once a job offer has been made. This gives job seekers a foundation for setting expectations and driving the conversation around salary during the hiring process.

Indeed Salary Data

Job seekers look for salary information for specific roles and companies when salary information is not included in a job description. By displaying this data on company pages, job seekers can evaluate the salary range of a given position while still within the hiring ecosystem. Having all the relevant data needed to make a decision expedites the application process for both employer and job seeker.

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