How Hiring from the Outside Can Transform a Small Business

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According to our recent data, Australia ranks in the top 10 countries in the world for attracting international talent. Making external hires has become increasingly important,  And here’s why: external hires enable companies to quickly add critical business capacity. For small businesses, external hiring is a major investment and promoting or redistributing responsibility internally is often an attractive option. But while finding and onboarding a new hire takes time and energy, the strategic addition of new staff at the right moment pays off by lightening the load for the existing team and bringing new strengths to the company.

Hiring externally does more than bring another set of hands to the daily business of the enterprise. With strategic recruiting, a new employee can bring:

New Expertise. Hiring someone who knows things or people that you don’t can create new efficiencies and opportunities. A seasoned expert in a critical function like IT or Human Resources can make your whole organisation run better while a Marketing or Sales pro may have longstanding contacts that help build awareness and drive revenue. A great hire will bring deep knowledge, adding new dimension and functionality to your team.

Immediate Scale. A carefully chosen new employee can walk in the door with skills that take years to develop and help your small business bend the learning curve skyward. While there are always opportunities to hire from within and train on the job, hiring for a new skillset builds capacity quickly and frees up your existing team members to focus on their key strengths.

Fresh Perspective. Even the healthiest growing business has much to gain from a well-timed infusion of new ideas that push the company toward innovation and process improvements. A new person can ask important questions and help the whole team see things from a new angle.

When a small company adds to its core team by hiring externally, the opportunities to grow revenue, capacity and brand awareness increase along with its employee count. By recruiting for experience and expertise that augments your existing team rather than mirroring its skill set, you can put your growing business in a position to do more, sooner.

After considering what impact you would like a new employee to have, you will be ready to craft a job description that spells out the kinds of skills and experience your ideal candidate would have as well as what leadership and development opportunities your company offers. Great candidates are attracted to opportunities to learn new things and take on new challenges, so let them know your company is one they can grow with.

Once you’ve developed the profile of your ideal hire, post your job on Indeed to get your opportunity in front of millions of qualified candidates.