How Indeed Helped a Startup in Australia to Succeed

Carhood team

Carhood National Operations Manager, Daryl Myers initially turned to traditional avenues such as posting job advertisements with local job network providers and mainstream job advertising platforms. He even dabbled with a few recruitment agencies. And the result?

“It cost us bucketloads and we struggled to get the results we were after,” says Daryl. “The recruiters sent three candidates in four months and account managers kept changing. We were just watching money fly out the door.”

Trying a new approach.

It took online job site, Indeed, to change the game.  

According to Daryl, “Indeed understood that startups operating under financial pressure need to see a return on every investment. My account manager comes back to me very quickly with suggested keywords and changes. If I have a job ad that isn’t performing, she’ll be the first person to make contact and suggest pulling it down.”

Using Indeed made a big difference to business in the short and long term.

“We’re getting much more bang for our buck. I don’t have to advertise for more than two weeks before finding someone,” says Daryl.

“Plus, we’re not just getting the right candidates, they’re also sticking around. So, our turnover rate has reduced dramatically,” he adds.

Affordable recruitment is one of the most effective ways to grow a small business.

Crucially, it’s free* to post a job.  

Indeed also provides the flexibility to adjust your strategy according to your objectives, which is so important for any small business navigating growth.

And growth is something Daryl has experienced first-hand. Starting in 2014 with two people operating out of a backyard in Melbourne, Carhood now has offices in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney – a whopping 95% of whom have come from Indeed.

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