Why Small Businesses Are Missing Out on the Best Talent

Small business owners working.

“Small businesses are missing out on great candidates because they’re not looking in the right places,” says Senior Vice President of Marketing at Indeed, Paul D’Arcy.

According to a study by Indeed, around 61% of people in Australia use mobiles to search for jobs. However, only 8% of more than 500 small businesses surveyed say they can accept job applications from mobiles.

That’s a missed opportunity. But it’s an easy fix.

The best place to start is with an affordable online job site.

Many small businesses avoid job sites because they find it’s too expensive to post an ad. This leads them to using their traditional networks, which can turn out to be just as costly.

The key is to use online job sites, such as Indeed, that offer free* job postings.

By posting online, you can also draw on a pool of international talent.

D’Arcy says there is extra value in placing an ad online because it can attract international talent. “For small businesses it’s hard enough to hire locally, let alone recruit globally. If you can get your job online, it’s accessible to people wherever they may be searching from,” he says.

The other exciting thing about using online is that it offers you a level playing field.

“Small business and big business are absolutely equal in the world of search,” says D’Arcy. “If I’m looking for a particular job, I’m just as likely to see a small company next to a big company.”

You have something the big guys don’t: flexibility.

Role flexibility is another important thing job-seekers in Australia consider.

“In large companies, the culture is very ingrained and it takes a long time to change their patterns of work.  Small businesses can be more nimble,” says D’Arcy.

“The fact that flexibility is one of the most powerful tools to compete for talent right now, provides a real advantage to small businesses in Australia,” he adds.

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