Case Study: OnSite Recruitment’s Dynamic Approach to Sourcing Quality Candidates

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Founded in 2013, industrial recruitment company, OnSite Recruitment, has been in business for just over five years. During this time, the business has been delivering upon their mission to fill a gap in the industrial sector recruitment market by successfully sourcing blue collar workers for clients in the fields of transport and logistics, civil construction, warehousing, production and manufacturing, and landscaping – among a few others. And they’ve experienced massive growth.

While OnSite Recruitment adopts a dynamic approach to sourcing the best workers, either by capturing new candidates through their website, partners (Foresite Training & Arbortrim Australia), word of mouth, or online advertising, Indeed is becoming increasingly integral to their ongoing recruitment successes and consequential business growth.

A strong response and great results

As the business grew, so did the demand for quality candidates. This is why OnSite Recruitment turned to Indeed as a backup to ensure candidate flow was maximised across all their sources. But today, Onsite Recruitment General Manager and experienced recruiter of 11 years, Jarrod Hart, says they’re getting a better response from Indeed compared to other platforms. In fact, half of all their job advertisements are now placed on Indeed with as many as 40 job postings currently active on the platform.

“We’ve got a greater response rate since we introduced Indeed, and we have more support. In the traffic management industry, for example, a lot of jobs are 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-per-week. So, when you place advertisements, you need a quick response”.

The personal touch and going the extra mile

Jarrod believes Indeed is bringing something new to Australia’s previously limited job advertising market. He says “Indeed is bringing great customer service to the mix. While other platforms we’ve experienced rely solely on email correspondence, Indeed has been prepared to send a Sydney-based account manager to our site, which is 90 minutes from Melbourne airport.

“I think it’s imperative to build a rapport on a face-to-face basis – especially when you’re dealing with someone you’re supposed to trust. We know our account manager has our needs front of mind”.

Finding talent for hard-to-fill roles

Unlike recruiting for white collar jobs, which are mostly city-based, one of the biggest challenges in the field of industrial recruitment is sourcing candidates in remote and regional areas. To this end, Indeed has helped OnSite Recruitment stand out in the market by successfully attracting candidates within some of Australia’s smallest labour pools.

“With Indeed, I can place regional job advertisements and get a response. I recently placed advertisements for jobs in remote towns that are hours away from Brisbane and the Gold Coast. I got a strong response, and within that response there were good candidates,” says Jarrod.

“If I didn’t have this support from Indeed, I wouldn’t have been able to fill these roles”.

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Cost effective hiring strategies

Small and growing businesses often struggle with the costs of hiring and inflexible online advertising platforms. But Jarrod says Indeed sets itself apart in the market with its unique technology and functionality that delivers what businesses really need.

Jarrod says “Indeed’s functions are unique – it’s great that you can sponsor an ad for $6* per day, find the candidate within a few days and then simply pause the ad. This means you don’t have to re-post an ad when another job becomes available because it’s already sitting there—all you need to do is adapt it for the specific client.

“This level of flexibility around advertising means we can be screening and shortlisting candidates within a 24-hour or 48-hour period, without having spent a fortune. It’s cost effective—small and growing businesses don’t want to be paying upwards of $90 to place an ad for a fixed period.

“With other platforms, you might place an ad for 30 days, but it usually only performs for 10 days because it drops so far down the list of search results. Indeed’s sponsored jobs ensure they consistently appear in front of more job seekers who are searching using relevant terms – without huge fees.

“You can tell Indeed has been designed by people in recruitment – it’s specific for recruiters”.

Helping out with the big wins

Venturing outside the comfort zone from time to time is just part of the job for a successful recruiter. This means they must be skilled and equipped to find and deliver workers in new fields and categories, as and when they are required by clients. Jarrod believes Indeed could be instrumental in helping Onsite Recruitment’s consultants fill new opportunities and achieve new wins.

“A while ago, we needed to find some bus drivers for a large transport company based in Melbourne. We placed an ad on Indeed, sponsored the ad, and got a great response.

“We hadn’t supplied the company with workers in this field and category for some time, so it was really important to get a solid response and find the right candidates quickly – and we did”.

Although OnSite Recruitment is already using Indeed to advertise half of their jobs online, Jarrod says there’s every chance Indeed will become their preferred platform in the future – eliminating competitor platforms from their advertising strategy altogether.

“Without doubt, Indeed has helped the business scale. The platform continues to deliver results as our demands increase.

“Indeed demonstrates great customer service, they know how to account manage their clients, the platform and software is brilliant, and I’m getting what I’m paying for—good candidates.

“We needed a viable competitor in the market, and that’s what we have”.

*Terms, conditions, quality standards and usage limits apply.

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