Employer Branding Matters More to Job Seekers Than You Think

Coworkers at a meeting

As an employer, you may hold a very positive view of your business, but it’s what everyone around you is saying that really counts.

This is because your employer brand is so much more than a defined set of values written on the foyer wall or company website – it’s the product of real-life work experiences and candid conversations between employees and their peers, both inside and outside the business.

The power of word-of-mouth recommendations

Research by Indeed has found over half (54%) of workers believe word-of-mouth conversations about companies with their friends or network is one of the most important factors when deciding to apply for a role. What’s more, research by Edelman has revealed peers and other employees are considered more credible influencers than business leaders themselves.

88% of people say insights into a company's reputation are important to them

Meanwhile, almost a quarter (24%) say they’d read reviews about a company when looking for work and almost 9 in 10 (88%) say insights into a company’s reputation would be important when considering a new opportunity. When it comes to creating that reputable ‘employer brand,’ it’ll take more than a few office perks, freebies and an occasional team building initiative to get people promoting your business. So, what are people looking for?

7 in 10 (68%) workers say it’s important to find general information about what it’s like to work at a company, while over 2 in 5 (44%) say they would not trust an employer with a negative online reputation. Clearly, day-to-day workplace culture is crucial to a business’ employer brand and this is a situation where real experiences will always trump the ideals and expectations of leaders.

44% of people say they would not trust an employer with a negative online reputation

A positive employer brand attracts talented candidates

With so many job seekers actively seeking peer-to-peer information on companies before deciding to apply for a job, there’s no doubt employers must work hard at building a strong and positive brand presence to attract the most talented candidates.

This is about how successfully an employer can get those positive conversations going when they’re not around – whether they be in the taxi, next to the coffee machine, at networking events or online.

So, here’s the big question: What are people really saying about your employer brand right now?

An Indeed Company Page makes it easy for current and prospective employees to do all the talking – after all, we know this is exactly what they want. A Company Page is a place where job seekers can go to research your business as a potential employer through reviews posted by past, existing and prospective employees. But it’s more than just a reviews site: employers that claim their page can respond to reviews and monitor postings.

What it takes to boost your employer brand

With job seekers having a platform to discover all the information they need while employers have the transparency to monitor and respond, the question is, what can employers actually do to build a better brand in the quest for the best candidates?

Be open about employee opportunities. When it comes to driving positive conversations around your employer brand, what people don’t know, really won’t help your cause. It’s essential to make it clear to existing and prospective employees why your business is a great place to work. Use internal and external marketing channels to promote awareness about learning opportunities, career development, social events, or any other key benefits that might lead to happier and fulfilled employees (otherwise known as promoters).

Nurture a strong company culture. Company culture is about providing a great working experience and, as they say, it all starts at the top. Setting a great example with open communication, collaborative, engaging and even flexible working practices are just some of the ways leaders can stimulate an appealing company culture from the top down.

Create a flawless recruitment process. Remember, reviews can be written by applicants and interviewees as well as those who make it to employment. This means it’s essential to give a great impression to everyone who interacts with your business, no matter what stage they’re at. Ensure communications are clear, frequent and informative right from the outset and that feedback is provided in a timely manner wherever appropriate.

Tell your story. Attracting new candidates and engaging employees requires much more than an agreeable job description. This is because employees today are looking for meaningfulness in their work, which means they want to understand why they do what they do.

So, engage the art of storytelling through presentations, social media, or other marketing or recruitment materials to describe how your organisation may be improving people’s lives or contributing to social change. Not only could these stories spark conversation, they’re also more likely be remembered by everyone who interacts with your organisation.

Building a strong employer brand is not just about understanding where job seekers are looking for information, but also, what insights they’re looking for when they get there. Employers who understand how to inspire deeper and more meaningful conversations among peers by providing great all-round experiences could look forward to more high quality CVs in future.

So, why not find your business’ Company Page here and claim it (if you haven’t already) so you can join (or continue) the conversation.

Methodology: This survey was conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Indeed and surveyed 502 currently employed Australians in April 2018.


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