The Year in Job Search: A Look at Trends in 2018

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There’s no denying that renewable energy has been a hot topic in both the Australian parliament and households across the nation in 2018. With rising emissions and that coal incident making headlines again as we swore in another new PM, it’s no wonder the ‘lucky country’ saw searches for ‘solar farm’ increase by a whopping 1500%. Blessed with sunshine almost all year round, it’s inevitable that solar will remain part of the national conversation and continue to spark the interest of people wanting to work in this growing industry.

But solar isn’t the only buzzword in the world of work. Yes, it’s that of time of year again, where we at Indeed look back at trends in job search over the past year to see what industries job seekers were excited by and which roles are, well — no longer in vogue. Job search patterns provide interesting insight not only into the dynamic nature of work, but also shed light on broader social trends.

While last year we uncovered a slew of terms that were on the rise universally — such as searches for cyber security and terms related to part time work, 2018 trends in search were more closely linked to specific social and political situations in the countries we researched.

For example, in Canada, searches for cannabis-related jobs were sky high (no pun intended) as they became the second country in the world to legalise recreational marijuana use. While in Belgium, ‘flexijobs’ saw a surge in searches as this initiative (which allows businesses to recruit already employed people to work as extra staff during peak times), expanded to other sectors.

Closer to home searches for ‘realestate’ plummeted in line with house prices. Talk of the property market bubble bursting has been widespread amongst economists (and almost everyone else in the country) over the past twelve months. Auction clearance rates seem to support the fact that whilst it hasn’t burst yet, it’s slowly deflating.

To paint a clearer picture of what people were looking for as they conducted their job searches this year, Indeed’s analytics team scrutinised traffic in eight countries across the globe.

So, let’s take a closer look at what was trending (and what wasn’t so hot) in the realm of job search terms in 2018!

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