The Power of Authenticity (and Why It Could Make or Break Your Recruitment Strategy)

Why is Authenticity Important in Recruiting? - Indeed Blog

At last month’s Indeed Interactive event in Austin, authenticity was a key theme amongst many of the speakers’ sessions, including Indeed’s very own SVP of Human Resources, Paul Wolfe. In fact, according to Paul “the most important part of the talent equation is authenticity…on both sides, the employer and the job seeker”.

Why does authenticity matter in recruiting?

Authenticity is quickly becoming one of the biggest factors for job seekers when looking for new opportunities. And given how emotional the job search journey can be—according to the Holmes-Rahe Life Stress Inventory, career events have the biggest impact on stress and happiness after family and health events—it’s no wonder job seekers want to have a good understanding of their potential employers during their search.

For job seekers, understanding what a role, the company and its culture will be like means being able to choose a job that is the right fit. Just as nobody wants to start a new job only to realise it was the wrong decision, no company wants to hire an employee who ends up having feelings of regret about their new job. That’s why in order to attract candidates who are the right fit, it’s essential for companies to be authentic during their hiring process.

Why is Authenticity Important in Recruiting? - Indeed Blog

What are the repercussions of not having an authentic employer brand?

Unfortunately, when companies are not authentic during the recruiting process, it’s difficult for job seekers to have a clear picture of what working there will be like. And this can result in a candidate accepting a role that is not the right fit, causing them to either leave shortly after starting or continuing in an unhappy work environment. In fact, 40% of Australian employees have voluntarily left a job after a short period of time because of an unhappy workplace, and 39% have left because the job didn’t meet their expectations1.

Why is Authenticity Important in Recruiting? - Indeed Blog

So while a lack of authenticity during the recruiting process is dire for job seekers trying to find the right role, it’s just as important for companies looking to hire and retain employees.

How can you start incorporating authenticity into your employer brand?

The first step to creating an authentic employer brand is being honest about your company. Your careers page, social media accounts, and Indeed Company Page should be a true reflection of your company and its culture. With 92%2 of Australian job seekers turning online to find more information about a company they’re interested in, ensuring your online presence is authentic is essential to providing potential candidates with the right insight into your company.

Next, provide enough information about your company’s culture to help give job seekers valuable insight into your organisation. For example, do you provide employees with flexible working arrangements, after-work drinks on Fridays, or opportunities for personal development? These are important things to mention when building your employer brand. You can also ask current employees to leave online reviews on your Company Page to help give job seekers first-hand experience of what it’s really like to work there—and fill in the gaps of information about your company that may be missing.

When writing job descriptions for your open roles, be honest about what the job entails. With 70%3 of job seekers claiming they have worked in a job they would not have taken if they had known more about what the role was actually like, being transparent in your job description can be the difference between hiring someone who would be unhappy in the role, and hiring someone who would be the right fit.

When successful candidates come in for an interview, continue being as authentic as possible. As Paul mentioned in the video, “no place is perfect”. So, be upfront and honest when answering candidates’ questions about your company. With 71%4 of job seekers considering the interview as an opportunity to assess whether the company is suited to them, it’s just as crucial to maintain authenticity when a candidate comes in for an interview as it is when building your employer brand.

Your employer brand is often one of the first ways job seekers will gain insight into your company when conducting their research. So it’s essential to ensure it tells the right story to job seekers. After all, with an authentic employer brand, your open roles can attract the right candidates and help you transition interested job seekers to qualified candidates to employees and beyond.

1 Methodology: This research was conducted by Censuswide on behalf of Indeed among 1,006 Australian job seekers between July and August 2018.

2 + 3 Methodology: Indeed partnered with Lonergan Research to survey 1,033 Australian workers in January 2019.

4 Methodology: Indeed partnered with Lonergan Research to survey 1,371 Australian workers in July 2018.

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