How Young Australians Feel About Their Careers and What it Means for Employers

How Young Australians Feel About Their Careers - Indeed Blog

As young Australians start entering the workforce, it’s important for businesses to attract and engage with them early on. After all, in today’s candidate-driven market, the younger generation have a variety of career options available to them—making it even more challenging for organisations to find and hire young talent. 

So what can businesses do to attract and engage with young Australians during their job search journey? 

Well, it’s important to understand how the younger generation feel about their careers—for example, what obstacles they face during their job search, the tools they use to look for jobs and the impact their schooling and education have on their career decisions. Understanding young Australians’ attitudes to work can help organisations create an inclusive recruitment strategy that attracts and engages all generations—including younger workers. 

However, many young Australians think businesses are out of touch with their generation and slow to align with their values. In fact, 53%1 think businesses are stuck in the past and not up to date with the modern workforce, with 55%1 believing this is because businesses perceive their generation as lazy. Unfortunately, this can be detrimental to organisations looking to hire young talent, especially when 31%2 of job seekers claim they would reconsider accepting a job offer because their values didn’t resonate with the company’s values. 

As a result, to help you attract, hire and retain young talent, we surveyed over 2,000 young people across Australia to get insight into how they feel about the future of their careers. 

How Young Australians Feel About Their Careers - Indeed Blog

1Methodology: This survey was conducted by The Footnotes on behalf of Indeed among 2,395 young people (between 16-23 years old) across Australia between December 2018 and January 2019.

2Methodology: This research was conducted by Decipher/FocusVision on behalf of Indeed among 1,000 Australian job seekers between June and July 2016.

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