Top 20 High Paying Jobs in Australia

Top 20 High Paying Jobs in Australia - Indeed Blog

When searching for jobs, it’s likely that the salary range is one of the first couple of things we look for before even deciding whether or not to apply. In fact, 71%1 of job seekers are most attracted to a new job because of the pay, so it’s safe to say that money plays a huge factor during our job search journey. But when it comes to finding high paying jobs in Australia, which ones are more likely to come with a higher than average paycheck, and what does it take to snag them? 

High paying jobs in Australia can be found across a range of industries

Fortunately, there are many jobs across various industries in Australia that come with that coveted six-figure salary. And while some are more competitive than others, a university degree is not always necessary to attain them. In fact, a number of high paying jobs in Australia require only experience and relevant certifications. 

To help you achieve your financial goals this year, we delved into Indeed’s salary data to shine a light on the top 20 jobs in Australia that currently pay more than $130,000 per yearmeaning you’d be taking home over $40,000 more than the current national averageand how you can secure them. 

Top 20 High Paying Jobs in Australia - Indeed Blog

Are these high paying jobs future-proof? 

It’s no secret that the Australian labour market is facing multiple challenges that have been impacting our unemployment rate and wage growth. And with demand for some jobs forecasted to decline in 2020, are these 20 high paying jobs in Australia really future-proof? 

While we have seen a significant decline in jobs in industries such as construction and manufacturing, there is good news for most of the high paying jobs on our list, especially those in the education, healthcare and technology sector. For example, despite the economic downturn, the healthcare sector has seen a significant increase in wage growth and demand—and given our ageing population, this trend is likely to continue for the year. On the other hand, jobs in the education sector are also likely to be future-proof, especially since Australia’s international education sector is forecasted to grow by 44% by 2025.

Tech roles also have bright futures in Australia. With these jobs having increased by 32% since 2016, roles on our list such as software architect and senior developer are great choices for job seekers with the relevant skills that are looking for high paying, future-proof jobs.

What if your job is not on this list? 

While this article highlights a small portion of high paying jobs in Australia, there are of course countless others that pay equally well.

But it’s important to remember that money is not always the most important factor during a job search. And sometimes, not all businesses can offer the most competitive salaries. In these cases, you can often ask for other benefits, such as flexible working conditions or paid parental leave, to offset what might be a lower than average paycheck. 

Whether your job falls in this list of the most high paying jobs in Australia or not, it’s good to be aware of the average salary for your type of role in your region (or the roles you are recruiting for). With Indeed’s salary search tool, you can look for salaries by job title or company name, and you can even get personalised salary insights based on your specific circumstances. 

1Indeed survey with Decipher/FocusVision, N=1,000

Methodology: To create this list, we calculated average salaries for job titles with at least 50 salary records in 2019

Note: The education/work experience requirements listed for each role are to be used as a guide only. Exact requirements will differ between employers.

Top 20 High Paying Jobs in Australia - Indeed Blog