Indeed Hits Record 200 Million Unique Visitors

200 million unique visitors

More than 50% of Australian workers are considering a new job in 2016, and when they decide to make a career change, chances are they’ll use Indeed.

Today’s workforce keeps a pulse on where the opportunities are. Talented people with a wide range of in-demand skills are actively searching for their next job, rather than waiting passively to be contacted by employers.

Traffic increases to Indeed illustrate how engaged these job seekers are: Over the past 31 days, Indeed reached a record number of 200 million unique visitors. These candidates searched for jobs in over 60 markets and in 28 languages—a record number of countries served worldwide. As the below chart illustrates, Indeed’s traffic far exceeds other job sites.

Indeed traffic reaches 200 million unique visitors, more than any other job site worldwide.In addition to searching the 16 million job postings on Indeed, candidates have access to over 10 million company reviews that help them select the job that fits them best—ultimately narrowing in on the right opportunity rather than just any job.

In a tightening labour market, people looking for jobs are more in control of their destinies. We’re proud to continue to serve a growing number of job seekers, and to bring employers and qualified candidates together all over the world.

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