Indeed Celebrates Australia’s Most Creative Small Businesses

Indeed helps one small business make a big impact during Vivid Sydney 2016.

Indeed recently partnered with world-renowned Vivid Sydney on a series of unique events that support creativity and innovation in Australia.

From uniting thought leaders, to championing Australia’s future workforce, to an interactive installation that gave Vivid visitors a chance to ‘picture their future career’, Indeed’s presence at Vivid Sydney was a showcase of Australia’s bright future in recruitment.

To drive home the importance of creativity in building a strong employer brand, we ran a competition in conjunction with Vivid, giving local small businesses the chance to win $5,000. To enter, participants had to post a job on Indeed for free, with the most creative job description earning the grand prize.

We are proud to announce the winner of that competition: Ruby Lee, Founder of The Careers Emporium, a careers advice website. We chatted with Ruby about her experience in recruiting and the challenges she faces as a small business owner operating in the recruiting sector.

Tell us about your career in recruiting.

I still remember having drinks at a BBQ when a friend of mine casually mentioned that I should try recruitment. My outgoing personality seemed to be a good fit for the industry and I could even use my accounting background to act as a basis for my area of specialisation. Before I knew it, I took the plunge and launched my new career as a recruiter at a large international agency. I was energised by the industry, meeting new people everyday and getting to work with businesses I admired. I eventually made my way into internal recruitment and joined large corporate organisations as a recruitment leader driving key strategic projects. My career in recruitment is just shy of 10 years and I am even more passionate about it today than when I started. Here’s to another 10!

Why did you start your own business? Is it something you’ve always wanted to do?

I decided to start my own business earlier this year, The Careers Emporium. I’ve always been quite entrepreneurial and I wanted to launch a business that harnessed my knowledge of the recruitment industry whilst being able to truly mentor job seekers to unlock their confidence in finding their ultimate job. It’s the most exciting step in my career yet!

What 3 words would you use to describe recruitment today?

Competitive, consultative and innovative.

What are the biggest challenges for a recruiter today?

Talent demands are changing considerably. Our next generation of millennial leaders are looking for employers who can offer challenging work, fun technology to work with and a culture that blends with their lifestyle. Employers are now being compared to one another in the ‘cool’ ranks, which is why you’ve probably noticed a lot of employer value proposition (EVP) videos out there aimed to attract great talent.

What do you do when trying to recruit or place top talent? Any top tips?

My role as a recruiter and mentor is to align the values of the candidate with the employer. There is absolutely no point placing a candidate with all the right skills and experience if their core value system does not align with an employer or manager. Get to know your candidates well and hiring managers even better to ensure a lasting and rewarding career.

Recruiting in today’s competitive landscape is difficult for any organisation. However, small businesses face a unique set of challenges that other businesses normally never encounter, such as competing with the benefits packages of larger companies or finding cultural fits within smaller teams. To learn more about recruiting for a small businesses and finding top talent for your organisation, visit

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