How One Company Hires Healthcare Roles in a Tight Labour Market


Attracting great talent can be a challenge for many businesses in Australia. It can be even more difficult to hire when you are trying to fill positions listed on the National Skill shortage list.

HealthStrong is a national allied health services provider for aged care and community facilities across Australia. They are one of the largest healthcare providers in Australia, supplying over 200 healthcare workers to hundreds of aged-care facilities across the country.

The shortage of workers made filling highly skilled roles extremely difficult for HealthStrong. Specifically, the roles of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Podiatrists are difficult to fill due to a limited talent pool in Australia. Because of this, qualified candidates are regularly bombarded with offers from multiple organisations trying to attract the candidate. HealthStrong needed to stand out from other healthcare organisations to recruit from such a small talent audience.

HealthStrong overcame these challenges and attracted a large group of applicants by improving three aspects of their recruitment strategy. Understanding the steps HealthStrong took in such a competitive environment can help you to face the hiring challenges in your respective hiring segment:

Making jobs easily accessible

Many employers underestimate the speed of the modern job seeker. Updating career sites and job listings can be a lengthy and complicated process, many employers underestimate the impact any delay can have on their recruitment efforts.

By integrating the careers section of their website with Indeed, HealthStrong ensured any jobs were also posted on Indeed in a matter of hours. This made the process of posting vacancies online a more simple and efficient process giving HealthStrong an advantage when it comes to winning the attention of valuable talent before their competitors.

Tapping into the Mobile Job seeker

Today, 76% of Australians would apply to jobs on their mobile devices if the process were simplified — an unprecedented opportunity for employers like HealthStrong to reach their talent audience at the moment when they’re receptive to a career move. Using Indeed also enabled HealthStrong to reach mobile job seekers and increase their applications by using ‘Indeed Apply’ to streamline the mobile application process. This allowed job seekers to apply for roles directly from their mobile device.

Use data to make strategic decisions

HealthStrong was able to optimise their recruitment campaign using campaign performance data supplied by Indeed. They identified the jobs with the fewest applications and increased their awareness among job seekers by running paid advertisements for those jobs. HealthStrong uses this data to manage the promotion of the jobs, sponsoring those roles which need more awareness and increasing spend as needed.

The demand for healthcare workers is not slowing down in Australia. There is still a substantial gap between the number of healthcare job postings and job searches. HealthStrong was able to thrive in this competitive market by by making simple optimisations to their hiring strategy. Ensure your jobs are exposed to the largest pool of qualified candidates available by posting them on Indeed. To get started, visit

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