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Indeed Client Story_ people2peopleEstablished in 2005, people2people offer professional recruitment services to Australian businesses in industries such as accounting, finance, HR and legal. In the last few years, they have rapidly expanded into new markets and were faced with the challenge of finding talent in these new areas. Agencies such as people2people need to be quick, responsive and showcase a point of difference to stay competitive in this hiring environment.

It is very competitive for recruiters in the white collar space. In order to find the right talent, people2people have to utilise new technology and techniques to stay ahead. They also recruit talent from multiple industries and cities and needed a solution that provides flexibility and speed.

With the stakes that high, people2people use Indeed as an integral part of their recruitment strategy. Let’s examine the three ways people2people use Indeed to give themselves a competitive edge in the market:

Showcase your brand

Mark Smith, Managing Director of people2people, believes recruitment agencies need to take a new approach to finding talent. “Recruiters need to take a multichannel approach to their talent strategy, using channels such as social media, videos and job sites such as Indeed.”

People2people have successfully utilised Indeed Company Pages to showcase their videos, photos and display their social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. This highlights their point of difference and ensures candidates understand the ethos of the company, building credibility and trust.

Think mobile

Job seekers are now searching for jobs on the go. In fact 60% of search traffic on Indeed comes directly from mobile. People2people are able to leverage this mobile talent by posting their jobs on Indeed and using ‘Indeed Apply’ which ensures their roles are mobile optimised and even facilitates job seekers to apply for jobs using their mobile devices. To facilitate the apply from a mobile capability people2people needed to integrate their ATS with Indeed, but this also allowed them to track their sources of hire, revealing that 30% of people2people’s applications come directly from Indeed.

Put your jobs above your competitors

In the competitive recruitment space it is important to ensure you reach talent faster than your competition. People2people have leveraged ‘Sponsored Jobs’ to ensure their jobs consistently appear in front of more job seekers who are searching using relevant terms. In the last year, Indeed has provided 400% more placements for people2people than the previous year.

As people2people grow and expand into different markets, Indeed is able to support them by provided an effective channel to help them find and acquire talent faster than their competitors.

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