Hiring Success Stories from Growing Businesses

Hiring is one of the most important growth strategies a business can undertake. It is also one of the trickiest.  The good news is that when it comes to connecting qualified candidates with open positions, search engines like Indeed have emerged as a powerful tool for employers.

For employers who have had success with search engine based recruiting, great hires have been key to their strategies for growth. To help other employers master the essential recruitment techniques of a competitive labour market, we asked leaders in two growing businesses to reflect on their recruitment strategies and share insights on finding the right people for key positions. Here are the lessons they shared.

Go where the talent is, even when they’re on the go

As a young teacher abroad, Ben Glickman learned how rewarding it was to live and work in another country. When he returned to North America, he started Footprints, a business that connects other teachers to similarly meaningful opportunities. Competing with larger companies while also reaching a highly skilled, international candidate pool taught the Footprints team to go where the candidates are. With more than 200 million visits by job seekers each month, Indeed was a great way to reach enough candidates to support ambitious hiring goals on a budget. “As a small company, we don’t have the budget or capability to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to achieve our goals,” Ben explains. Using a search engine like Indeed to reach a larger pool of applicants around the globe has been key to the recruitment success of the small company.

It also became evident that people are increasingly searching for jobs on the go. “Our mobile traffic has doubled year after year, particularly because the people we’re sending overseas don’t use laptops,” says Ben. Making jobs easy to search for and apply to from mobile devices has been critical to Footprints success, and is one way that Indeed helps the company reach great candidates.

Use data to make strategic decisions

Attracting great talent can be tough for any business, but trying to fill positions listed on Australia’s National Skill shortage list is a singular challenge. HealthStrong, a national allied health services provider for aged care and community facilities is one of the largest healthcare providers in Australia and regularly recruits some of the most sought after talent in the country. Like Footprints, HealthStrong has reaped the benefits of a mobile-optimised recruitment strategy. However, Indeed has provided the company another important tool to compete successfully for qualified candidates: data.

With campaign performance data provided by Indeed, the hiring managers at HealthStrong were able to quickly identify jobs with the fewest applicants. Once identified, HealthStrong ran paid advertisements for these positions, which led to an increase in job seeker awareness for these roles.  HealthStrong now uses this data to manage the promotion of their jobs on an ongoing basis, sponsoring the roles which need more awareness and increasing spend as needed.

The demand for healthcare workers is not slowing down in Australia. There is still a substantial gap between the number of healthcare job postings and job searches. HealthStrong has been able to thrive in this competitive market by making simple optimisations to their hiring strategy based on real-time data.

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