What Job-Seekers in Australia are Really Looking For


Making your business stand out to job seekers can be challenging.

“Small business employers know how to run a business well, but often have little knowledge when it comes to recruiting,” says Chris McDonald, Managing Director for Indeed, Australia.

First, things first – tell people WHY they should work for you.

Well-written, fresh and engaging copy also makes a big difference.

“People need to be convinced as to why they should join a small business or startup when there are bigger businesses offering huge benefits,” adds Chris.

Before writing your ad, research your audience.

Search through a database of resumes to get an idea of real-life candidates who would be right for the role, and gain a better understanding of what they’re looking for.

“Look at all the keywords and background skills, then make sure all of that is reflected in the job description you create,” says Chris.

Don’t underestimate the importance of career development to today’s job seekers.

People are looking to expand their skills and experience.

“Highlight how employees will be able to grow with your business because there are bigger players in the market that will be offering clear pathways towards career progression,” he adds.

And remember, people are looking for jobs that reflect their lifestyle.

Whether it’s Friday drinks, hot-desking arrangements, or regular sporting and social activities – company culture can play a huge part in a person’s decision to click on a job post.

Hiring a person who fits your work culture is better for everyone involved. “It’s going to cost a lot more if you fire someone and start again because you haven’t placed enough importance on the culture element right from the start,” says Chris.

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