Australian Hearing Uses Indeed to Succeed in a Talent-Short Market

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Australian Hearing is a statutory authority with over 160 hearing centres and other visiting sites across Australia. As the country’s largest hearing specialist and provider of government funded hearing services, Australian Hearing relies on quickly recruiting for a mixture of specialist roles from centre managers, audiologists and customer service staff to finance and legal professionals.

Access to a wider talent pool

According to Australian Hearing’s National Recruitment Manager, Paul Brant, recruiting for specialised roles such as audiologists in Australia’s talent short marketplace can be a real challenge – especially within more regional centres where local talent is in even shorter supply. But Paul says Indeed has opened the door to a much wider pool of quality candidates which has assisted with these recruitment challenges.

“Our biggest challenge is recruiting audiologists. Getting people to go to remote areas to fill these positions is a difficult task,” says Brant.

“SEEK used to be our main method for advertising jobs, but Indeed offers a way to access a broader labour market and achieve a greater hit rate on our jobs. I believe the traditional ways of searching and applying for jobs aren’t necessarily the next generation’s choice. Millennials are looking for more flexible and versatile platforms that enable them to search and apply for jobs through their smartphones – while they’re on the train, for example.

“Indeed is built for the job seeker, which means we get more choice from a higher volume of quality candidates. We can also find the right talent in specific locations where there is a shortage. It’s so accessible and easy to use.”

Quote: in the past two years we have recruited over 500 people, so our relationship with Indeed has been a huge time saver.

A streamlined and cost-effective recruitment process

Brant says the now five-year relationship between Australian Hearing and Indeed came at the right time. Until then, Australian Hearing operated a very manual recruitment process which centred around various job board advertisements and email applications.

“There were a lot of spreadsheets, and applications could be very hard to track amongst many other emails,” says Brant. But today, Australian Hearing uses an entirely online and automated recruitment process which allows jobs to be advertised on their website and applied for online.

“The combination of our online internal recruitment process, the Indeed platform and Indeed’s broad pool of candidates has made our hiring practices much more efficient”, says Brant. “We don’t have to re-write job advertisements to fit the platform like we did with other websites. Instead, advertised jobs can be automatically funnelled from our own website through to Indeed and we get notified when we have a response.”

“In the past two years we have recruited over 500 people, so our relationship with Indeed has been a huge time saver. For example, five years ago it took 44 days to fill a customer service role but today, it only takes around 12 days and Indeed has played a role in this change.”

The costs of recruiting for Australian Hearing have also been driven down as a result of including Indeed in their recruitment strategy.

“Because our ads feed straight through to Indeed from our online portal and we get strong talent coming directly from Indeed, we no longer have to engage an external recruitment agency to help fill roles”.

A more confident approach to growth

One of the biggest benefits of cutting down the recruitment timeframe for Australian Hearing is that the organisation can ensure centre managers don’t have to multi-task while waiting for jobs to be filled. This is especially important for Australian Hearing as it continues to expand its network of hearing centres across the country.

“When it takes a long time to fill new or replacement roles, centre managers can find themselves ‘keeping things going’ rather than engaging in managerial tasks such as planning and strategy,” says Brant.

“Our network has more confidence now. Managers who open a new hearing centre know they will have all the staff they need within a few weeks. Today, we don’t have a hit and miss approach to growth.”

Increased brand awareness

While Brant says Indeed has become a crucial part of their recruitment strategy, Australian Hearing has also experienced some unexpected benefits from using the platform.

“There’s more brand awareness around Australian Hearing compared to five years ago. Our brand has become much more active in the market through Indeed advertising, which results in more people using our service as well as more people applying for jobs,” he adds.

“The flexible, pay-per-click pricing model means it’s much easier to track and monitor the recruitment budget throughout the year.”

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