Case Study: Workfast Successfully Recruits Top Talent in Australia’s High-demand Environment

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Sydney-based labour hire company, Workfast, is dedicated to recruiting and providing workers to clients in the construction and infrastructure sectors. Their business model depends on sourcing the most talented individuals who can offer clients specific skills for different types of projects including civil projects, highway construction, tunnelling, rail, building and construction, and even the Sydney Metro.

“99% of our employees are mobilised on client sites”, says founder Tim Nieuwenhuis.

As Australia’s infrastructure boom takes hold in an increasingly talent-short marketplace, this might sound like a challenging business model, yet, since the business was founded in 2016, Workfast has gone from strength to strength.


A fast-growing labour-hire company with a need for reach and immediacy

Starting in Sydney, Workfast has already grown from a two-person business, to one employing over 200 staff across Australia who can meet their clients’ hiring needs in the shortest possible time frame.

Nieuwenhuis says Indeed has been instrumental to winning new clients and projects which has resulted in Workfast’s impressive growth rate over the past two years.

“Before using Indeed to source workers for roles we used social media, word-of-mouth, newspapers and other job boards – among other things. But we struck several challenges finding and placing the right candidates.”

One of the main issues they encountered was that other recruitment channels didn’t have the reach or immediacy that Workfast required.

“Usually, we need to fill positions for clients quickly, but the time to find the right candidate was too long. Also, because it’s harder to fill some roles compared to others, we’d have to spend a lot more on advertising in some cases.”

All of these factors affected the business, “because if we’re unable to find someone within a particular time frame, we could lose the contract or placement,” says Nieuwenhuis.

Optimising the business model through speed, flexibility and cost efficiency

Workfast now uses Indeed exclusively to source roles for their clients citing speed, flexibility and lower costs as some of the main reasons. Currently, Workfast is filling around 40-50 roles per month using the Indeed platform.

“We have seen Indeed develop and evolve since we started using the platform. Consequently, Workfast has evolved alongside Indeed and we’ve set a lot of our processes around how Indeed operates. The pricing model just really fits with our business model,” says Nieuwenhuis.

“Many other platforms take considerable time for a job ad to go live, but Indeed has a very short ‘go live’ timeframe. The pricing model also sets Indeed apart from its competitors. We don’t need to keep ads live for an entire month even when roles have been filled – only paying for what we use. With other platforms, we could be charged $300 for placing a job ad without knowing whether we’ll get a return on that investment.”

“Because of Indeed’s flexibility and on-demand model, we confidently moved all our hiring budget to Indeed after only a short trial.”

Tim Nieuwenhuis

While Indeed has helped Workfast optimise its overall business performance by lowering the costs of hiring and sourcing candidates quickly and efficiently, Indeed has also delivered a few other key benefits. According to Tim, Indeed has been successful in attracting quality candidates for the industries they recruit for, particularly for blue-collar work, whether it’s for ongoing or short-term casual work in the labour-hire market.

And this is crucial to generating new and repeat business.

Improving advertising and hiring practices

Tim also believes Workfast has been able to significantly improve its advertising and hiring practices thanks to Indeed’s intuitive platform, unrivalled support and focus on building solid customer relationships.

“A representative of Indeed visits occasionally to talk to us about many aspects of advertising and hiring, including how to optimise ads using keywords. Indeed Company Pages is also a great tool for raising our own brand awareness. We needed to expand our knowledge on the tech side of things and Indeed is always helping us to achieve this objective.”

Workfast is a fast-growing business that looks forward to capitalising even further on a job market rife with opportunity. But this can only be done by creating job ads that stand out in the crowd and reach the right candidates in Australia’s high-demand environment.

“A large infrastructure boom is underway in NSW and across Australia – Workfast welcomes government projects as well as tier one and tier two company projects. Indeed has helped us capture workers in tightening talent pools such as electricians, rail workers and general labourers. Even more importantly, the candidates we find through Indeed are of a higher calibre than those you would find on other job platforms.”

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