Indeed Plays A Key Role In Australia Post’s Hiring Strategy

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Australia Post holds a truly iconic place in the hearts and minds of all Australians. Whether it was helping mum or dad check the mailbox when you were just knee high, the excitement of signing for your first package that made it to your house from the other side of the world, or simply popping Xmas cards destined for friends and family into a big red box.

Though, with a 61,000 strong workforce, it is of course, not just posties that work for this beloved company which has been around since 1809! The range of roles that Australia Post hires for is incredibly broad—everything from processors for their letters and parcels facilities, to van drivers, truck drivers, corporate lawyers, marketing professionals, HR and talent acquisition professionals. The list goes on.

Advertising where job seekers are looking

With such a diverse range of roles to hire for and a variety of tools that job seekers use to look for a job, Australia Post recognise that it’s no longer possible to simply place your job ad on one website and hope for the best.

Job seekers are using a variety of tools when looking for their next role (the majority are searching online, with 62%* citing job sites as a preferred mechanism) and it’s important that businesses do too. “Australia Post would definitely be missing out if we weren’t using Indeed as part of our sourcing strategy. It would be remiss of us as an organisation when we’re trying to attract such an array of talent that we would rely on just one or two ways to do that because we wouldn’t be hitting all of the segments,” says Claire Planinsek, Head of Talent Acquisition at Australia Post.

Passionate people with a genuine interest in helping Australia Post succeed

“The relationship with Indeed is the critical path to our success,” says Planinsek. “They’ve really taken a lot of time to understand our business. They’re experts, they’re passionate and they really care.”

Representatives from Indeed regularly visit Australia Post’s head office in Melbourne (which also functions as a post office!) to meet with their talent acquisition professionals, train them on how to get the most out of Indeed’s products, helps them to optimise their job ads in order to attract the right talent, and as a result helps to deliver quality candidates in a cost-efficient manner. “They work very closely with us to make sure we’re getting the results that we need,” says Planinsek.

Source: *Indeed partnered with Lonergan Research to survey 1,371 Australian workers in July 2018.

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