Why You Should Start Your Christmas Casual Hiring Now

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While it may seem odd to start recruiting for your Christmas casual roles before the spring weather has hit, year after year, Indeed data shows that now is actually the best time to start the hiring process. And since many businesses seem to start their recruiting drive earlier each year, those who choose to wait until December to find talent could face an even tighter labour market.

When do most businesses advertise their Christmas casual roles?

Opportunities for Christmas work peak in September and October


Despite the fact that Christmas is still months away, many businesses are already starting to think about their hiring needs now. In fact, according to Indeed data gathered over the last three years, we have consistently seen an increase in Christmas casual job postings as early as August, with opportunities peaking in September and October. However, by the time December rolls around, fewer opportunities are available, meaning most businesses are likely to have closed out their hiring for Christmas casual roles long before the holidays actually start.

When do job seekers start their search for a Christmas casual role?


Job seekers are starting their job search earlier for Christmas work

When it comes to searching for Christmas casual opportunities, job seekers seem to be as switched on as businesses. Over the past three years, we’ve seen job seekers starting their search for these roles as early as August, with searches really peaking in the months of October and November. The major difference between job seeker behaviour and postings for these roles is that in December, searches for Christmas casual opportunities drastically drop—meaning most job seekers are securing these jobs well before December.

So, when is the best time to start hiring for Christmas casual roles?

While every business’ hiring needs for the Christmas season is different, to avoid scrambling at the last minute to fill these roles, it’s important to start your recruiting process as early as possible. Given that searches for these roles are at their peak in the months of October and November, advertising your Christmas casual roles in September would be optimal to ensure they are available when job seekers are looking.

How to attract top talent to your open Christmas casual roles?

Now that you’re ready to start recruiting for your Christmas casual openings, how can you ensure your opportunities are attracting and enticing job seekers to apply?

job seekers spend 49.7 seconds reading a job description when it's not a fit v. 76.7 seconds reading a job description when it is

First and foremost, make sure your job descriptions are clear and transparent about the fact that it is a Christmas casual role. With most job seekers spending less than a minute reading a job description that is not the right fit, it’s important to provide the details candidates are looking for up front in your descriptions to attract and keep their attention. As a result, try to mention that the role is a Christmas casual one in the first couple of sentences of your job ad.

Next, ensure you have information about your Christmas casual opportunities on your careers page, social media accounts and Indeed Company Page. Things like the kind of roles you will be recruiting for, what the hiring process looks like, and how long Christmas casual workers are likely to be employed for are all valuable pieces of information to job seekers. In fact, 42%1 of job seekers claim it’s beneficial to find out more information about a company before applying for a role there, so providing information about your Christmas casual opportunities will be key to attracting and enticing job seekers to your open roles.

Lastly, don’t forget to let job seekers know what’s in it for them. With hundreds of Christmas casual roles likely to be available during the next couple of months, it’s important to set yourself apart by letting candidates know what they will get out of the job. For example, do you offer employee discounts, flexible work schedules, snacks in the break room, or the opportunity for casual workers to move into a part or full-time role? Whatever extra perks you provide, make sure to include them in your job description to help entice and attract job seekers to your open Christmas casual roles.

If your business relies heavily on Christmas casual workers, then starting the recruiting process as early as possible will be crucial to ensuring you are ready for the influx of customers during the holiday season. Stay ahead of the hiring game and start crafting your Christmas casual job ad today!

1Methodology: This research was conducted by Lonergan Research on behalf of Indeed, among 1,033 Australian job seekers in January 2019.

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