Chandler Macleod Sources Talent Quicker and More Cost-Effectively Using Indeed

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Indeed Client Story_ Chandler MacleodFounded in 1959, Chandler Macleod is one of Australia’s top HR companies. With an initial focus on the psychometric assessment of candidates to help ensure their clients were hiring the most suitable people for their open roles, Chandler Macleod Group has since diversified to provide some of the region’s largest companies with an end-to-end human resources solution.

The largest industries they service include government, mining, construction, oil and gas, as well as professional service providers. They source an array of talent including HR and procurement professionals, engineering and technical positions, tradies, clerical and customer service positions, right through to senior executives and everything in between.

“Customers come to Chandler Macleod because we’re able to provide high quality candidates at the right time, at a competitive price. Some of our customers date back to the 1970s—which is pretty unique in our industry,” says Gary Whittaker, Director, Sales & Marketing at Chandler Macleod.

Chandler Macleod have been using Indeed for about two years. Originally piloting it in Western Australia, they saw some great results and decided to adopt it nationally.

“The Indeed partnership allows us to tap into more candidates of a higher quality, more quickly, which is a really key element of being able to deliver that supply chain,” says Whittaker.

Service and flexibility that’s “second to none”

A key element of the relationship between Indeed and Chandler Macleod is that it’s a true partnership—with Indeed’s account managers going above and beyond to ensure the best results for Chandler Macleod and their customers.

“Our account managers at Indeed are fantastic, I couldn’t speak highly enough of them. Weekly we’re on a phone hook-up talking about what jobs could be sponsored, what’s working well, what’s not working well. The customer service is second to none,” says Querida Swinnerton, GM for Sales Enablement at Chandler Macleod.

In addition to the support provided by the Indeed team, the metrics also speak for themselves. “One of the things that we have measured is the cost per placement. What we’ve found is Indeed gives us the most success,” says Swinnerton.

Hiring overseas talent—now easier with Indeed

Some of the jobs they need to find talent for are highly specialised, which means they often have to source candidates from overseas when there’s a shortage locally.

“We used to struggle with that in the past, but with Indeed’s presence internationally, we’ve found an increase in the candidates that we can source internationally as well as locally,” says Stephanie Ynfante, Manager, Staffing Services, Sydney at Chandler Macleod.

“The Indeed team have been fantastic in working with us to not only optimise the coverage of the job ads, but also the quality of the job ads to elicit a better response,” adds Whittaker.

“I’d recommend Indeed to pretty much any business, large or small. They’ve certainly got an array of products and services at the right price points depending on the size and scale of business,” says Whittaker.

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