Introducing The Complete SMB Hiring Handbook

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As a small business owner, it’s no surprise that you often have to wear multiple hats. From being a supplier to a manager to a marketer (all in a day at times!), it may seem like there’s no time left to effectively recruit great talent for your organisation. But finding, hiring and retaining the right employees is essential to helping grow your business.

48% of Australian small business owners find hiring top talent for their business challenging.

Unfortunately, many small business owners in Australia regularly struggle with this. In fact, in 2018, 48% found recruiting for their small business challenging and as a result, it took them an average of five weeks to fill an open position. This can not only be disruptive to a small business owner juggling multiple roles, but it can also potentially hinder the business’ growth and result in lost revenue and clients.

Introducing The Complete SMB Hiring Handbook - Everything you need to make the perfect hire

In celebration of NSW Small Business Month, we’ve designed The Complete SMB Hiring Handbook to help small business owners find talented individuals to join their teams. The eBook and accompanying microsite outline everything small business owners need to know to effectively recruit the right employees for their company. With topics such as how to decide it’s time to bring on a new employee, where to look to find great talent, top interview strategies to use once you’ve found qualified candidates, and tips for effectively onboarding new employees, our SMB Hiring Handbook will give you all the tools and resources you need to hire people for your small business.

Download The Complete SMB Hiring Handbook today to find your perfect hire tomorrow!

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