What to do if Your Job is Affected by COVID-19

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As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, many jobs may be affected. From companies asking their employees to work from home, to the unfortunate closure of many businesses, to restaurants and cafes only doing delivery and takeaway, the world of work as we know it is changing. These unprecedented times, along with major changes to our work, can cause many to feel anxious and stressed.

At Indeed, we are Here to Help you navigate the new challenges you may be facing—whether that is getting accustomed to working from home or actively looking for a new job. Our new COVID-19 job resources page can help guide you through the new changes and uncertainty you may be up against, providing you with tips on how to stay productive, healthy and positive during these difficult times. So let’s take a look at some of the resources available.

What to do if Your Job is Affected by COVID-19

If you’re working from home

Despite the fact that 68% of Australian employers have been allowing their employees to work remotely, it’s likely that for many, this new working from home arrangement is a big transition—especially when you add in the social distancing measures as well. Without the social interactions we normally encounter in the office, working from home can be isolating and lonely, which could in return negatively affect your productivity and motivation. So to help set you up for success while working from home, we have a number of resources available, including how to stay focused while working from home and how to navigate the potential challenges of working from home with kids.

If you’re looking for work

With the closure of many businesses, there are many people in Australia whose jobs may be affected by COVID-19. On Indeed, the share of Australian job searches using terms such as ‘remote’ or ‘work from home’ is around 140% higher than it was, on average, during the first two months of 2020.

In recent days, searches containing remote keywords accounted for 1% of all searches. That’s up from an average of 0.4% in January and February.

Share of AU searches on Indeed containing remote keywords during COVID-19

There’s no doubt that navigating the job search journey during these unprecedented times can be difficult and stressful. So to help you with your job search in the midst of COVID-19, we’ve gathered a number of resources, including how to find gig work, working from home jobs, and how to prepare for phone and video interviews.

During these unprecedented times, it’s important that we come together to help everyone. Whether you are looking for work, working from home, on the frontlines putting your own health at risk, or caring for others, Indeed is Here to Help. We will continue to share more resources on our COVID-19 resource guide to help ensure that those who may be affected by the new coronavirus have the information and tips they need to come through these difficult times.

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