Video: Prepping for a New Normal: Recruitment Strategies for Tomorrow

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COVID-19 turned daily life on its head for everyone, and is as much an economic crisis as it is a health one. After months of uncertainty for employees and employers alike, businesses in Australia are starting to open up again and everyday routines are returning to levels of normality we haven’t experienced for months. Job postings on Indeed have started to increase as some of you are looking to hire once again. At Indeed, we’ve thought a lot about how to best tackle the recruitment process moving forward, taking into account the so-called ‘new normal’ we’re dealing with, which is fast becoming, well—just normal.

Working from home is now a way of life for many (preferred by some and extremely challenging for others). Though, as you can see from the graph below, searches on Indeed for keywords related to ‘remote work’ had seen above average increases even before the COVID-19 crisis took hold in Australia.

Searches for remote work surged during COVID-19

But, with COVID-19 proving that working from home can, and usually is, successful, it is highly likely that many people will continue to operate remotely (some indefinitely). So how can recruiters and decision makers continue to attract the best talent to their businesses in a predominantly remote work environment?

Indeed’s Senior Manager of Country Marketing, Jay Munro, discussed this in his live session, Prepping for a New Normal: Recruitment Strategies for Tomorrow, at the recent RSCA ReForm conference. He provided three core challenges organisations can focus on to effectively recruit top talent: employer brand, virtual recruiting and flexible working.

If you didn’t get a chance to take part in the virtual event, or you simply want to tune in to hear these insights again, you can view the session on-demand here.

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