Video: The Onboarding Enigma – Whose Job is it Anyway?

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When looking to fill an open role, many recruiters follow a process that looks similar to the following: Write a job description, post the job online, read resumes, conduct interviews, follow up with references—then repeat. But, what happens when you find the right person for the job, they’ve signed on the dotted line, and are getting ready for their first day?

Everybody, Somebody, Anybody, Nobody

Unfortunately, this is where many organisations fall short. Once a role has been filled, we often think our work is done and move onto filling the next one—completely forgetting about properly onboarding the new employee. In other cases, the TA team is sure somebody else is taking care of the onboarding, but in reality, nobody is. Failing to adequately initiate new starters can be detrimental to both their time at the organisation, and the company’s employer brand. In fact, according to an Indeed survey, 40% of job seekers in Australia report having left a new job within their first six months.1

So, what can you do to help employees feel more comfortable and satisfied in their new positions so you don’t have to start the recruiting process again just a short time later? In our recent webinar, Whose Job is it Anyway? Solving the onboarding enigma, we dive deep into the challenges HR and talent professionals face when onboarding new employees, and what actions they took to address them.

In this quick, 15-minute video, you’ll also hear about Indeed’s onboarding process, and the strategies we implemented to help our new hires feel empowered and engaged.

Keen to start revamping your company’s onboarding process? Watch a full recording of the webinar today.

1Lucid study on behalf of Indeed, n=1,000 (AU)

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