Video: Anchors Aweigh! Eliminating the Barriers Between You and Great Talent

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When it comes to attracting, and retaining, top talent, your employer brand plays a crucial role. If job seekers, candidates, and even your employees have formed negative anchors about your organisation, that could be one of the reasons your job ads aren’t attracting the right candidates, or why your employees are leaving soon after starting their new roles. So, what exactly is anchoring, and what can you do to prevent negative anchors from forming and potentially damaging your employer brand?

Anchoring is a type of unconscious bias that can cause people to heavily rely on the first piece of information they find when making a decision. Both positive and negative anchors are formed in many aspects of our lives—whether we are purchasing a new car, choosing a new TV series to watch, and, yes, even deciding on our next career move—these anchors are highly likely to impact what decision we make.

When it comes to your organisation, anchors can be formed during your recruitment process, onboarding process, or even amongst your tenured employees. As a result, negative anchors can influence the behaviour of job seekers and employees alike. If ignored, they can have detrimental effects on your hiring process, your employer brand—and even your company culture. So it’s important to be able to identify negative anchors early on, in order to eliminate them and promote more positive experiences instead. In our recent webinar, Anchors Aweigh! Eliminating the Barriers Between You and Great Talent, we walk you through just how to do that.

In this quick, 15-minute webinar, you’ll learn what anchors are, how they form, and ways they can negatively impact your recruitment process and employer brand. You’ll also learn three ways to eliminate negative anchors from forming amongst both job seekers and your employees—and how to create new, more positive ones instead.

Keen to start eliminating negative anchors? Watch a full recording of the webinar today.

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