Webinar: How to Build a More Inclusive Recruitment Pipeline

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Committing to diversity, inclusion and belonging isn’t just good for your employees and employer brand—it can also help your business succeed. In fact, research continues to show that companies with a diverse workforce are more likely to excel in productivity, performance, innovation and even revenue

A global McKinsey study of more than 1,000 large companies across 15 countries, found that employers with a diverse workforce were more likely to have above-average financial returns—36% more likely for companies with higher levels of racial and ethnic diversity, and 25% more likely for companies with higher levels of gender diversity.  

And the reverse was true for those that ignored issues of diversity—companies with low levels of both gender and ethnic diversity were 27% more likely to underperform on profitability than all other companies in the data set.

So, as a recruiter, how can you influence everyday processes to incorporate more inclusive hiring principles and ultimately help your business (or those you hire for) be better placed for success? 

In this 45-minute on-demand webinar, How to Build a More Inclusive Recruitment Pipeline, you’ll learn how to uncover and address unconscious biases built into common screening and sourcing processes that can hinder hiring the most diverse—and best qualified—candidates. 

We share data, insights and eight important actions that might help you shift your own biases and transform your role from gatekeeper to door opener—to help you build a more inclusive talent pool for your open roles.

How to Build a More Inclusive Recruitment Pipeline is presented by Indeed Australia’s Recruitment Evangelist, Erin Waddell. Erin is also the lead for the Australian chapter of Access Indeed—the Inclusion Resource Group dedicated to driving education and awareness around disability inclusion in the workplace and supporting an environment where all Indeed employees can thrive.

Keen to start building a more inclusive recruiting pipeline? Watch a full recording of the webinar today.